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Aquaponics SA

The Aquaponics Association of Southern Africa

The Aquaponics Association of Southern Africa

Operation & Certification

Aquaponics SA is run by Members for Members and for the benefit of the Aquaponics Industry in Southern Africa.  We provide technical information and advice through the Members Zone and email communications on a frequent basis.


Members also have the option of having their Aquaponics Systems Certified as meeting certain criteria in order to trade under the proud banner of Aquaponics SA’.  Such Certification is awarded following a successful inspection being conducted  on a Members Facility by a representative of the Executive of Aquaponics SA, and is supported by means of an annual inspection to ensure principles and methods are being adhered to by the Certified Member. 

To Certify their goods as having been grown in accordance with principles and methods that reflect the philosophy of Aquaponics.  The Aquaponics SA Certification may be placed on all branded products, providing consumers with a guarantee that the product is healthy and free of undesirable residues.

During the Executive meeting held in August 2017 it was proposed that an additional category be added.  This category is specific to Educational institutions.  There are thus two categories up for grabs, Commercial Grading and an Educational Grading.  The Grading Checklist is available on the members page

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