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Aquaponics SA

The Aquaponics Association of Southern Africa

Code of Conduct

Membership of Aquaponics SA is by application and the Association reserves the right to reject the application of an individual or organisation that the Executive Committee believes may in any way compromise the reputation of the Association.  Furthermore, applicants sign a Code of Conduct that governs their behaviour whilst being Members of the Association.


The purpose of these `rules’ is naturally to protect the integrity of Aquaponics SA.  We see our products and services as being special and this needs to be upheld by every member in order for the public and our clients to view us as special as well.  Therefore, in the unfortunate case of a Member who does not conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct they signed, the Executive commits themselves to taking the necessary steps to remediate this breech.  If the Member is unable or unwilling to correct and avoid further breeches this result in the withdrawal of Membership from that member.

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